Why Isn't Everything Made of... Cork

Yeahhhh. Cork. The renewable, fire-resistant, impermeable substance that few people ever stop to think about. Well I did.

Most people think cork is only good for wine stoppers. Well, cork is the best material for it. Its sponginess allows it expand to fill a bottle neck perfectly. It has the lowest environmental footprint of any stopper material. And they allow just the right amount of oxygen to pass to help the aging process.

Cork is often used to wrap bicycle handlebars. It does not absorb sweat or rain. It is soft and comfortable. It is good for the environment, like bicycles. While these are all franco-centric examples, there are many applications for Americans.

Cork's ability to resist water and fire could've made it the Planeteers' greatest enemy. Instead, it helps America build rockets. Cork panels are used to insulate the rockets against heat. Good job, NASA.

Portugal is our greatest competitor for cork superiority. Portugal has already used cork to make a building! What will be next???

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