How To: Polish Your Shoes

The method used here is sound, but there are variations to make your work easier.

1.  inbetween building the undercoats of polish, quickly run a flame over the drying polish.  this ensures the polish goes into the grain and evens the coat.

2.  instead of using a cloth, use a wadded up cotton ball.  it uses less polish and makes your work a little easier.

3.  really, dont use too much water.

remember that a real shine is only possibly with a wax, not the cream/soft type of shoe polish.  and if your results are lack luster, you need to rub longer.


How To: Launder Shirts

1. Soak shirt in a solution made from one gallon hot water and one cup vinegar.  Let the shirt soak for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

2. Rinse shirts and squeeze out water.  Empty bucket and rinse.  Mix two scoops of OxyClean granules with a cup of hot water.

3. Apply to stains.  Scrub with a toothbrush.  Leave the shirt in the bottom of the bucket overnight.

4. Remove shirts and full the bucket with a gallon of hot water and two scoops of OxyClean.   Soak shirts for 2 hours.

5. Put shirt through rinse cycle in washing machine.

shame on you if you starch