Tick Talk: Seiko

Seiko is one of my favorite watch makers. While they do not have the history and beauty of someone like Patek Phillipe, Seiko watches have many admirable qualities.
  • Well priced; from about a hundred USD to a few thousand at the highest end
  • Reliable; the accuracy and durability of their movements have been well documented
  • Easy to find; this takes much of the chore out of servicing your watch
  • Handsome; only my own personal opinion
  • Many types of watches; divers, dress, mechanical, quartz
Seiko vs Rolex
I often compare Seiko to how Rolex used to be. Rolex watches were not always as expensive as they are now. In the last couple decades, they have significantly increased their prices in real dollars. In the past, they were not overly-expensive, very durable, generally undecorated, and sporty. This made them the perfect sports watch. Rolex's used to be used in Navy SEAL training. However, now the cost of Rolex watches requires most people to treat them as decorative jewelry. I do not want to make it sound as if Rolex's are not good watches, they are excellent watches. However, I think they have become too expensive. In contrast, is the extremely affordable Seiko Monster.

Seiko Monster Dive Watch (SKX779K)

The Seiko Monster is a modern classic. It has an extremely durable movement, excellent finishing on the case, and an beautiful bracelet. Seen in person, it is difficult to believe the Monster only costs about $150. At the heart of this beast is the automatic 7s26 caliber movement.

It is rugged, durable, and accurate. It is not adorned with hand-engravings or precious metals, but it does its job extremely well. The bracelet also gets quite a bit of praise. Many have said that it is the nicest steel bracelet they have ever seen, regardless of price. All of these attributes make the Monster one of my favorite sporting watches.

Seiko Spirit (SCVS013)

This Seiko spirit is an example of how nice Seiko dress watches can be. Automatic movement, sapphire crystal, cordovan strap; all for a few hundred dollars. The blue hands are also a nice touch.

So.. these are just two examples of the great values Seiko offers. You can get some bomb ass watches with the sweet sweet sweeping hands of a mechanical watch for just a few hundred. But, if you're thinking, "What is this peasant-people Seiko shit? I already have a Rollie." Then I am jealous and can only suggest that you get a bottle of champagne and do the Rolex Sweep, cuz that's what I would do.

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Liang Siah said...

Interesting pictures and read!

Loved the Seiko Blue Spark!

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