Pilot Precise V7

The Pilot Precise series of pens are my favorite note-taking pens.
  • Opaque gel ink
  • Quicker drying than the G2
  • More consistent stroke than the G2
Basically, makes the G2 look bad.


Polaroid 680 SLR

Polaroid 600 film is fun and rewarding. And the Polaroid SLR 680 and 680 SE are the best cameras for that film.

It features an auto-focus system for the lens and flash angle, is made for 600 film (unlike the SX-70), and probably has the best lens Polaroid made for a 600 film camera.

It's not as small and compact as the SX-70, but there's no need to darken the lens (making the viewfinder useless in the dark). It also has a regular flash, no need to search for flash cubes.

I picked up a mint condition 680 on losangeles.craigslist for only $90 last week.