Colony Collapse Disorder; or Oh Shit, All the Bees Disappeared

Colony Collapse Disorder is a terrifying name for an interesting phenomenon. Over the last few decades, honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Not dying, disappearing.

As of Spring 2008, nearly a third of commercial bee colonies have disappeared. They fly somewhere and never return.

Another important third fraction: these bees are responsible for pollinating over a third of the United States food crop species. In 2000, the total US crop value that was entirely dependent on honeybee pollination was estimated to be $15 billion. Oh no!

This is also the reason your mother has been telling you about the recent honey shortage. If your mother hasn't told you about it, then perhaps your young, hip friends that are really into food and restaurants have told you. My mother also tells me honey is good for hangovers. Especially in strawberry juice. My mother is never wrong.

Anyways, who knows where all these bees are going. My hypothesis? China North Korea.

Terrifying, isn't it.

The Cliff Notes:
  • Bees are disappearing, billions of them
  • No one knows to where or why
  • Bees are important for crop pollination and honey
  • Mom is always right