Sony MDR-V6 Headphones

The Sony MDR-V6 headphones are bomb because they are:
  • Cheap
  • Sound good
  • Comfortable
  • Durable / Time-Proven
These bad boys have been around since the 80's. Unlike most headphones today, the enclosures are made of metal, not plastic. Their durability shows in 20+ year old examples with no degradation in sound quality.

They also are really comfortable and isolate pretty well. I needed a new pair after I lost my old DJ.ing headphones, leaving me with only a set of Grado's. While Grado headphones sound great, they get pretty uncomfortable after a while and it is difficult to appreciate their output because they do not block any other noise.

While the MDR-V6 was originally intended for studio monitoring, they can also do double duty for DJ.ing. They are pretty loud and the ear cups swivel. Also, that ugly "For Digital" sticker comes off easily, leaving you with a very handsome set of headphones.

If you're looking for a pair, Sony recently renamed them the MDR-7506 to be mean and confuse people. You can find them online for about a $100 or less.


Zeny said...

I am totally NOT a bro...

btw, people in class were discussing SkullCandy headphones... WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH THAT?!?

kimberly said...

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